Voyah Dreamer, the premium MPV wrapped in various luxuries has an acceleration that can be considered fast.

Extremely Ample Space

Exemplary expansive vehicle body / exceptionally versatile trunk capacity / ingeniously designed and practical interior space.

  • 0.75 h

    Fast Charge Charging Time

  • 10 h

    Slow Charge Charging Time

  • 2 Rows


  • Electricity

    Gasoline Type

  • 43 kWh

    Battery Capacity

  • Elegant Purple

    The VOYAH Dreamer PHEV in the color purple exudes an air of sophistication and elegance.

  • Elegant Gold

    The VOYAH Dreamer PHEV in gold radiates timeless elegance and luxury, commanding attention with its captivating brilliance on the road.

  • Xuanying Black

    The VOYAH Dreamer PHEV in black epitomizes sleek sophistication, exuding an aura of understated elegance and modern refinement wherever it travels.

  • Duo Ruo White

    The VOYAH Dreamer PHEV in white embodies a sense of purity and modernity, commanding attention with its clean and timeless aesthetic, symbolizing a harmonious blend of innovation and elegance on the road.

Four Types of Gesture Interaction

Ultra-precision gesture recognition interactive system

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The Voyah Dreamer PHEV offers an unparalleled advantage with its seamless blend of electrified efficiency and luxurious comfort.

Car Control Mini Program

Seats (ventilation/heating/massage), air conditioning, ambient lighting, music, sunroof, fragrance.

Tech Specs.

Length 5315mm
Width 1985mm
Heigth 1820mm
Wheelbase 3200mm
Curb Weight 2590kg
Comprehensive cruising range (km) Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 1231
Trunk Volume 427-2680L
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