Geely Geome Panda Knight

Geely Geome Panda Knight

The New Companion for National Travel

9.2-inch Display Dashboard

One glance locks onto the driving status, allowing easy control on any route with ease.

  • 0.5 h

    Fast Charge Charging Time

  • 4.5 h

    Slow Charge Charging Time

  • 2 Rows


  • 30kW

    Motor Maximum Power

  • Motor Type

    Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

  • Serene Green

    Experience the calming embrace of Serene Green, a hue inspired by the untouched beauty of wild forests.

  • Pure White

    Experience pure honesty in every shade. Embrace your true self with confidence in REAL.

  • Action Camo

    Embrace the bold and daring camo colors, swift and powerful. Explore the wild side with confidence, be the fearless go-getter who's always ready for action.

  • Absolute Orange

    Experience the fiery and dynamic Absolute Orange, radiating heat wherever it goes.

The Ultimate Power Solution

22kW Superfast Charging, 30-minute range of 100 kilometers, full of energy in no time, no waiting; 3.3kW Relaxing Slow Charging, 20% to 100% in just 4.5 hours, perfect for occasional trips and leisurely journeys.

Tech Specs.

Length 3135mm
Width 1565mm
Heigth 1655mm
Wheelbase 2015mm
Maximum Power(kW) 30(41PS)
Curb Weight 807kg
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