BYD Yuan Plus

Ultra-long range intelligent pure electric SUV

PM2.5 GreenClean™ System

PM2.5 GreenClean™ air quality intelligent optimization system; efficient filtration, capable of reducing PM2.5 concentration from 999ug/m3 to 35 ug/m3 within 8 minutes, ensuring fresh breathing even on hazy days. High standard environmental protection materials; the vehicle interior extensively uses luxurious leather fabric, cotton fiber, and other environmentally friendly materials.

  • 7.3

    0~100km/h Acceleration Time(s)

  • 30%-80%

    30 Minutes Fast Charge Percentage

  • 2 Rows


  • Electricity

    AC Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

  • 49.92 kWh

    Battery Capacity

  • Dynamic Purple

    BYD Atto3 in Dynamic Purple exudes a bold and energetic vibe, symbolizing innovation and individuality on every journey.

  • Adventure Green

    BYD Atto3 in Adventure Green radiates a spirit of exploration and excitement, inspiring journeys off the beaten path with its vibrant and adventurous hue.

  • Skiing White

    BYD Atto3 in Skiing White embodies a pristine elegance, reminiscent of freshly fallen snow on the slopes, bringing a touch of winter wonder to the road.

  • Rock Climbing Gray

    BYD Atto3 in Rock Climbing Gray captures the rugged essence of adventure, blending urban sophistication with outdoor exploration.

  • Oxygen Blue

    BYD Atto3 in Oxygen Blue epitomizes serenity and modernity, evoking a sense of fresh air and innovation on the road.

  • Surfing Blue

    BYD Atto3 in Surfing Blue exudes a refreshing coastal vibe, adding a splash of adventure to every drive.

Intelligent Active Safety

Intelligent auxiliary safety systems; including tire pressure monitoring, EPB electronic parking brake system, and other auxiliary safety systems, ensuring constant online safety protection.

Tech Specs.

Length 4455mm
Width 1875mm
Heigth 1615mm
Wheelbase 2720mm
Maximum Power(kW) 150(204PS)
Structure 5-door, 5-seater SUV
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